Eva Green Belly Dance Artist, Performer and Teacher

Naturally talented dancer, extensively trained in classical music and Hungarian folk and Gypsy dances. Inspirational teacher, well established in London and Surrey for over 10 years, she teaches all levels from beginners to professionals. Artistic director and choreographer of the Spirit of the Orient dance troupe, creator and director of the Art of Belly Dance Academy, co-founder of the Silk Route Show. Established belly dance agency provides dancers for all events. Educational DVD - Belly Dance for Beginners and Improvers - available. 

YouTube csatornám: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqFiafhCjsifjjGJmW3m0OQ

Tanfolyam indul jan. 13. hétfő, 19 óra

Helye: Zsámbok, József A. Műv. Ház, József A. u. 4.

Arabic theme can be arranged for parties, weddings and corporate events. She regularly performs and teaches abroad.

For classes, please visit the school page.

Choreographies for solo dancers or troupes can be created and taught. Please, email for details.

My mottos: When you dance, you share your inner self with your audience. Bellydance is an art form as well as entertainment. It belongs to everyone - you can learn it at any age. In my performances and my teaching I will always give the best of myself.


Quote from student:

Learning to bellydance with Eva is more than just a fitness class. To me it has been a life changing experience. I wish I had started years ago.
When I started it was all about learning the correct technique with a patient and positive teacher. But now it�s more about getting to know the wider bellydance community, the female support and solidarity that comes from them has been a fantastic surprise.
The most important personal achievement for me is an acceptance of my body. In a world where we all need to be size 10 or �0� if possible, my curvy size 16 body left me feeling inferiour to other women.
So I started Eva�s classes quietly at the back of the room. As Eva worked on my technique and confidence, I moved further forward row by row.
One day I realized that the weight I�d gained in the last few years didn�t make me as hideous as I felt. And that whole cycle of trying to diet and failing was pointless. Now I�m free from that and I�m happy with who and what I am. I now stand in the front row at class and I�m not quiet anymore. I�m not a great dancer yet, I live in hope. Eva has inspired me and I am dedicated to the art, and devoted to the teacher who travels the journey with me. I can�t thank her enough what she has given me is priceless.


I am not a natural dancer but Eva�s classes have always been really enjoyable and have allowed me to develop my dancing and in doing so I feel much happier about my body. Egyptian dance has made me find muscles I didn�t know I had and its great for all round toning. Since starting I have lost weight, toned up and developed a attitude towards myself. Thanks Eva always great.


Having successfully survived treatment for aggressive breast cancer, I decided that I should be doing all the things I have put off doing and trying some new things too.  I have always enjoyed dancing but seeing Belly Dancing classes advertised, I thought why not try – and guess what am still doing it and loving it aged 57.  I love the music and watching other dancers, made new friends, been to events in UK and abroad, having fun, forgetting work, forgetting I live with cancer and 10 years of medication and the side effects – because most of all I just love dancing.  It’s great physical exercise, gentle but toning, helping flexibility especially if like me you have lymphodema, gone through a premature menopause and have medication –induced osteoporosis.  And mentally, well we have all heard about the positive effect of physical exercise but whilst I concentrate on the challenge of dancing to the various arabic rhythms and learning technique.  It can’t be co-incidence that all around the world people dance.  Dance is the ultimate expression of joy and celebration of life.  Of course, I should add that it is a wonderful opportunity to dress up and I defy any woman who doesn’t fall in love once they put on their first coin belt – never mind the amazing sequined and beaded costumes.    I feel a million dollars in mine – and no, you don’t have to show yhealthier our “belly”. “Belly dancing” is women enjoying themselves and sharing this with other women – and most of all it gives a forum to able to express and enjoy confidently their femininity , whatever your age or size or ability – and this comes from someone who will  never be size 10 again nor now be asked to be a Page 3 model!  But once I get my sequinned dress on………..


Sue King

May 2011