Past Performances


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2014 30th March Eva and the Spirit of the orient danced at the Silk Route Show

2013. January - Cafe Casablanca with Silk Route Show

2012. 21th May Club Bellydance with the Bellydance Superstars @ the Cockpit Theatre


2011. Stories of Eve- an evening of dance and poetry produced by Eva Green

Fantasia festival - Double Veil workshop and performance by the Spirit of the Orient

Various performances at the Silk Route Show, Planetegypt and Fantasia 2010.

28th january Planetegypt

24th January Silk Route

30th July, Performance at Planetegypt 

11th-18th May Performance with the Feret el Negoum Band, Luxor, Egypt

24th - 26th Apr Workshops and Performances in Hungary with David Kallo

26th March 2009 Flamenco-Bellydance-Tango Duo with David Kallo, at Planetegypt

22nd March 2009 performance at Bellyworld Present The Silk Route Spotlighting Egypt

31st January 2009 Flamenco-Bellydance Duo with David Kallo, at the Aziza Grand Hafla in Fairfield Halls

Performances at Bellyworld -

13th-14th December 2008 Isis workshop and performance with the Bellybabes at the Fantasia Festival

London Belly Dance Festival Sat 27th + 28th Sept 2008, Gala Show

Performance with Amel Tafsout and the Brothers of Balady at the Darbucka World Music Bar 11th and 18th /June/08

Hafla 14th of June 2008 with Nancy, Phonix-Sahar, Ewa Horsfield, Eszter and the Bellybabes 26/ April/08

International Day Of Dance - Bentall Centre, Kingston all day performances and workshops by the Eva Green Bellydance School, Eva Green and The Bellybabes 26/ April/08 Eva dances on the international Day of Dance, Bentall Centre Kingston

Open Day in Epsom with The Bellybabes


Planet Egypt Showcase


Belly Dance Cabaret with Fleur Estelle


Desert Dunes Middle Eastern Dance Evening 1/Dec/07 Desert Dunes Middle eastern Dance Show with The Bellybabes

Performance at Aaminah's Show and workshops in Hungary

October, 2007.

Eva at Aaminah Show, 20/10/07, Hungary

Star of the Show, Planetegypt

30th August 2007

Performance at Saqarah Open Hafla

Saturday 18th August 2007

organised by Nafiseh and Eshta

Performance in Hungary at the CAIRO Dreams International Belly Dance Festival in Budapest


June 2007

Performance hosted by Planetegypt

with Leyla Jouvana and Roland

May 2007

Performance at the Aaminah Show in Hungary

April 2007

Support act in Aziza's Hafla in London

October 2006