Available workshops (min. 3 hours)

Graceful arms and hands, dancing with grace: basic arms/hands and feet positions, correct posture, fluid movements and transitions, arm positions and transitions whilst spinning or turning

Shimmies and their variations: shimmies originate from the knees/hips/feet, weight shifting shimmies, static/dynamic movements with shimmies, isolations and layering with shimmies, upper body shimmies, tight/loose shimmies

Sensual Veil/Double Veil: fluid movements and transitions with the veil, wrapping/unwrapping ,usage of veil in Raqs Sharqui/Balady dances,

Isis wings technique: correct arm positions and execution of movements, swirls and tremors, whirling and turning, wing usage in classical/modern oriental and fusion dances

Saidi stick dance: stick technique, movement combinations, folklor- stylized folklor- balady styles, cultural aspects

Dancing with candles: technique, using it in classical and fusion dances

Rhythms and movements: musical explanation of basic and further rhythms, cultural introduction to folkloric and classical rhythms, movement combinations

Oriental music: musical understanding, interpretation and stage presence, cultural aspects

Elegant Raqs Sharqui: introduction to musical progressipn, technique and interpretation

Earthy Balady: introduction to musical progression, technique and improvisation

Khaleegy dance: choreography from the Gulf

Fan Veil Workshop: technique, usage in oriental and fusion pieces

Spanish-Arabic dance: fusion choreography

Theory Workshop: Understanding Middle Eastern music

Private classes

Private classes: £30/session in my mirrored studio, (subjects can be discussed ahead and/or assessment of dance level and technique can be provided)

Personalised 6-week practice program is available. This program includes an initial individual assessment at the beginning of the six week program (45 min), a personalised 6-week practice program - you practise at home, a midpoint online assessment (you video your dance and send it to me, I email back the results), a final  assessment at the end of the 6-week program (45 min). Price: £60

Please, email for details.